While the United States, NATO and the Arab League are attempting to eradicate tyrants and thugs in the Middle East and North Africa, it would behoove Arizonans to attempt to rid our own state of our own brand of dictators and dictatorships.

To wit, self-anointed king Russell Pearce appears to be the judge, jury and jailer concerning too many important decisions that affect a preponderance of Arizonans, while many of us are looking to him for fairness, leadership and moderation. Also, the Goldwater Institute appears to be an organization that either gets its way with policies in our state or it sues to "have it their way." It appears that no one person, group of people, newspapers, television stations or organizations seems capable or willing to confront the "my way or the highway" attitudes of both Pearce and the Goldwater Institute.

A recall of a dictator-type legislator and a recalibration of a dictatorial organization seems to be what Arizona needs in order to have some semblance of sanity, sensibility and serenity return to our wonderful State.

Richard K. Meszar

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