In response to Joe Campbell’s letter, “Glenn Beck’s remarks are shameful” on April 12, I did not hear Glenn Beck’s remarks because I don’t listen to him, but I think you have this voice of “We the People” concept wrong. It is a pretty well documented fact across multiple polls that approximately 60-70 percent of the citizen population was not in favor of Obamacare from the start. I call that a pretty strong voice from several percentage points of the populace more than voted for our twice elected president. But in their infinite wisdom the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives and the US Senate decided they knew better than “We the People” and shoved it down our throats anyway without a single Republican vote. And a large portion of the populace is still not in favor now that they have lost their existing health insurance or their employers are opting out on providing that benefit to their employees and sending them into the Marketplace.

So much for “We the People.”

Scott Lanham

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