In reference to Wilson Gee’s “An apology and the future of Ahwatukee Lakes,” May 21. This is not an apology, it is just more propaganda to sway the residents to vote to approve the sale to Pulte Homes. He states that like other golf courses in the Valley that his golf courses simply cannot attract enough paying customers to keep the links open.

There are two problems with that statement: 1) Every golfer that reads this article will know that tee times fill up very fast at ALL Valley golf courses. Why? Because they ARE maintained. 2) By letting his golf courses fall into disarray they become a self fulfilling prophecy, which allows him to pursue his goal to sell. No one wants to play at courses that are in this condition.

When I first moved to Ahwatukee in 2001 the Ahwatukee courses were in great shape. Since the purchase of these courses by Gee I have watched them slowly get worse until it was no longer worth going back. Any wonder why tee times weren’t filling up. The Foothills and Ahwatukee country clubs have also started to deteriorate due to lack of care and will most likely be up for sale next. If Gee kept the courses in the condition that we had became accustomed to, the tee times would fill up. I don’t buy his “economic” reason, otherwise we would see dozens of course being sold.

Mr. Gee, it’s time to find a buyer who is interested in bringing these courses back up to par.

Rich Carey

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