We’ve just passed another income tax deadline and we’ve either paid our taxes or filed an extension. We do have taxes on our minds and are right now painfully aware of how much government takes. Mostly, we wouldn’t mind paying our fair share of the tax burden, but we are reminded daily of the overwhelming amount of waste that flows freely from Washington.

Last week we saw the incredible spectacle in the Nevada cattle round up. Even if you believe the government is justified, you surely can’t enjoy paying nearly a million dollars to a contractor to herd cattle only to be rebuffed at the Utah border. We paid for the BLM to attempt a cattle drive with heavy arms, trained dogs and helicopters. None of it was successful, but it was mighty costly.

We are just beginning a new election cycle. We’ll hear all the promises from the candidates about how they are going to fix the problems of immigration reform, tax reform, health care, etc.

There are problems that we could fix. We could secure the border. We could create a system that would give a pathway to legal status to the illegal. We could place the illegal on a tax paying and law abiding process just as those of us who are legally here, but we don’t. We waste more tax dollars on high-technology and hire more border agents who are not allowed to confront people.

We are paying a very high price for all this incompetence.

Nate Peters

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