I was astonished to learn from Paul Kokoski’s letter (“Obama has finally taken off his mask, AFN, May 30) that President Obama is planning the “annihilation of America.”

He comments about the Biblical admonishments against homosexuality and how Kokoski believes in them. I assume then he also avoids shrimp, serves dairy and milk on separate dishes, and avoids shopping (or any activity except church) on Sunday. But, as a firm Bible believer, he can sell his daughter into slavery and probably believes in “traditional marriage.” That is, with plural wives, concubines, and marrying your brother’s widow.

We all realize that the Bible was written 2,000 years ago and was good for its time. However, we’ve learned since then that the world is not flat and Earth is not the center of the universe. Biblical lessons are wonderful, but please don’t take every word as literal truth.

You are welcome to believe that Earth was created 6,000 years ago, but when you get sick, do you seek scientific help from a doctor, or get rid of the demons, as the Bible suggests?

Andy Wangstad

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