Duncan McQuarrie isn't the first to present the perverse idea that enforcing America's immigration laws discriminates against Hispanics. He wants us to believe that because most illegals are Hispanics (at least in Arizona), enforcing immigration laws is racist. He leaves out one important detail; the people targeted by the legislative bills aren't "Hispanics," they're illegal aliens whose very presence in the U.S. violates the law.

Illegal is a crime, it isn't a race.

Americans are not "racists" for wanting immigration laws enforced. They're citizens tired of subsidizing cheap-labor wages in the form of taxes to pay for cash assistance, food assistance, Medicaid/AHCCCS, rent subsidies/public housing, utility subsidies, English as a second language class and more. Illegal aliens are also a drain on the resources of our hospitals, schools and legal system.

This is done all for the benefit of unscrupulous employers who prefer to hire illegal aliens as employees rather than pay a decent living wage for willing, hard-working legal U.S. citizens. Let's not hear Americans don't want these jobs; remember when Sheriff Joe raided Pei Wei restaurants and countless legal U.S. citizens lined up to get those jobs?

Americans are told their children can't get extra tutoring at school while they see non-English speaking (likely illegal) students getting all the tutoring they need, plus free breakfast and lunch. Illegal aliens also pay reduced "low-income" rates for school adjunct programs because the family income is off the books - in cash to avoid reporting and taxes.

All of the bills from our Legislature are designed to eliminate the loopholes that allow lawbreakers to take advantage of the American system.

All we need to do is look at the votes to see if our elected representatives actually do their jobs; representing the U.S. rather than the chambers of commerce. Here in our district, John McComish (not surprisingly) sided with the chambers of commerce rather than the people.

Rich Osiol

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