Dear Editor:

What a great (letter) by Wayne Sandier in the Jan. 19 edition ("An open letter to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon," AFN) to Mayor Phil Gordon. Sandier is exactly on track in his comments. The only thing that I would add is the suggestion of using four-way stop signs instead of the ridiculous traffic circles.

Placing four-way stops at Equestrian and Appaloosa, Equestrian and Tonalea, and 36th Street and Coconino would go much farther at slowing traffic than any circles, and at a much reduced cost, and would be much safer. Making traffic come to a complete stop instead of just slowing down a little would have a greater impact on traffic speed. I suggested this to Kerry Wilcoxon, who is in charge of construction of the circles for the city, and it was received with a deaf ear. He wants to spend this money, which is allocated for the circles, with no regard as to the outcome down the line. The fact that the city is broke makes no difference to him.

Hiley Eubanks

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