Dear Editor:

According to the Governor's Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting (, Gov. Jan Brewer's budget proposal for fiscal 2012 would reduce the state budget by $1 billion through spending cuts to erase the deficit.

Although I do not agree politically with the proposed cuts that include both education and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), I did understand that there is merit in the governor's desire to make Arizona fiscally sound. That is, until I also read that the same office states that Arizona will lose $1.1 billion in federal match money by cutting AHCCCS. Isn't gaining $1 billion to lose $1.1 billion a net loss of $.10 billion ($100 million dollars)? Wouldn't Arizona be better off financially by not cutting anything and getting the federal AHCCCS match?

What Brewer's budget proposal will actually do is lessen the quality of your child's education and take away health care from more of our state's poor and mentally ill while not saving a dime. Makes one wonder what the political motive is. Could the governor and the Republican-dominated Legislature be more concerned with the political ideology of privatizing education and cutting entitlements than with what is best for all Arizonans?

Fred Barlam

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