I just heard about a project called The Arizona We Want. It was put together by Dr. Lattie Coor (former Arizona State University president) in collaboration with other leaders across the state from various cities and towns. It is a culturally diverse group excluding current elected office holders. This is what captured my attention. This is the first big group I’ve heard about that is trying to involve citizens in finding solutions to the many problems we face without a mayor, legislator or other office holder. This gives me hope that indeed solutions can be found by everyday folks when not led by someone with a political agenda.

You can find out more about this project by going on their website, www.thearizonawewant.org, and you can and should get involved in finding answers to the many questions we have before us. No one should be intimidated by involving themselves in a project that is looking for solutions. Your input is as valuable as a governor or congressman. Let’s all try pulling together and maybe we can make something happen. Congratulations, Dr. Coor, for your efforts in behalf of all of us.

Marc Sullivan

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