General Electric pays no tax on over $6 billion in earnings for 2010. Don’t be surprised, it’s been that way for a long, long time. So, who pays most the taxes to support our government functions?

Let’s skip to the next rhetorical question. When the corporate rich squeeze the last nickel out of the waning middle class, who will be left to support our government functions?

Who will be able to afford the products offered by our corporate elite? Folks, the golden goose IS the middle class, and because greed blinds, this goose is an endangered species. Will capitalism self-destruct? Just ask Karl Marx. His communist manifesto details the process, written in the mid 1800’s.

The lesson? We’d better reel in our corporations, our fat-cat politicians and move back to “We the people...”. Let’s start with outlawing lobbying, the process of legalized bribery and the embodiment of the term “conflict of interest.”

One more rhetorical question: Has trickle down worked for you? I didn’t think so. Call your senators and congressmen, and please, do it now.

D.J. Diebold


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Corporate income is obtained by selling products to customers. So, if you tax corporations, you are simply taxing customers indirectly. Governments love corporate taxes because they are "hidden". But they cause high prices. Our USA corporate tax rate is amongst the highest in the world. So are our prices. So we buy Chinese products instead. Sort of dumb isn't it. Diebold fits right in[smile]

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