What a great community we live in! In the 20 years since I began my practice here, we have initiated a number of food, clothing and donation drives for various school groups, sports teams and non-profit causes. We have asked our patients and the members of our community for their support and each time they have given generously. Even in tough economic times, I am always moved by the willingness of our Ahwatukee neighbors to support our schools, our children and those less fortunate.

We recently were alerted to a need for items for the Kyrene Community Foundation’s Summer Activity Packs for homeless and at-risk children in our district. The foundation was seeking contributions of supplies as well as cash for this project, and we decided to put a collection box in the office and set aside a portion of our April revenues from digital Optomap retinal screenings. Even though our time frame was short, we set a somewhat optimistic target of a $400 cash donation to the foundation from these revenues.

The Ahwatukee Foothills News came to our aid as they always do, and ran a notice about our efforts. Our patients brought in bags of items for the Activity Packs, and we had an uptick in requests for the Optomap scans.

Last week we delivered a large box of supplies to the foundation. We also were gratified that we were able to deliver a cash donation that exceeded our target. Thanks to everyone who helped us with this drive and with other such efforts in the past. We look forward to another 20 years of living in our Ahwatukee community and serving you.

Dr. Kelly de Simone and the staff of Eye Priority

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