Phoenix voters have been told by Wes Gullett that he is the "fiscal conservative" in the race for mayor, and that he will shrink the size of government. While this sounds great, the actions of Gullett are quite alarming to true fiscal conservatives like myself.

I was shocked to hear about Gullett's most recent idea for Phoenix - a sales tax totaling $100 million that would support the arts. In this recession, when families are struggling, should we really be increasing taxes to pay for art? I think not.

As surprising as it may be, Greg Stanton appears to be the most fiscally conservative candidate in this race. He supports a responsible repeal of the food tax, has taken a stand against Gullett's new art tax, and ran the most effective City Council office with the smallest budget.

As a single mom who closely watches household spending, I want all of my representatives to be as conservative as I. No amount of money is enough if we don't live within our means.

Don't be fooled by Gullett's campaign slogans - if you want true fiscal responsibility in Phoenix, look to Greg Stanton.

Beth Williams

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