What an insult! I received in the mail a glossy, full-color invitation from Pulte Homes to change our CC&R’s. Not once in the entire circular did Pulte fully acknowledge that there is a choice to be made. Not once did Pulte even attempt to rebut any of the substantial arguments and objections which have been raised, such as loss of open space, increased burdens on traffic, schools and other infrastructure, or expectations of the neighboring homeowners that their houses would border a golf course, just like when they bought them.

Instead, Pulte treats us like children being led by the hand to simply give up our deed restrictions. It’s “easy” and will take “less than a minute.” Here’s hoping the community is not as easily duped as Pulte seems to think we will be. Here’s hoping that the community will give more than a minute’s thought to such an important decision. I would have had much more respect for their efforts if Pulte had been forthright in their treatment of this issue. This mailing demonstrates to me that Pulte is trying to manipulate the community into doing their bidding, which raises a serious question: Can we trust them to do all the wonderful things they are promising to do, such as the donation to the other golf course and the creation of beautiful open space, or is that all just more manipulative malarkey like the rest of this presentation?

Michael Bernays

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