Dear Editor:

I would not expect much from the right-wing Investors Business Daily editorial staff, as far as intelligent objective analysis or debate of the man-made effects of global warming.

My expectation on this subject would only be slightly higher for the Wall Street Journal, owned by NewsCorp (as is Fox News).

But singling out a couple of opinion pieces by the IBC or WSJ is insignificant, against the overwhelming scientific consensus that the global rise in average temperatures correlates strongly to industrial age human activity, versus the much slower natural warming and cooling cycles that take hundreds of thousands of years.

Though the government incentives for ethanol production did not yield the desired results, that does not change the fact that glaciers are receding, the Antarctic ice sheet is shrinking, and the Arctic Sea is now navigable. Nor does it lessen the more insidious danger of pathogens extending their range because of more favorable conditions.

The only hoax here is the notion put forward by some that there is still any serious scientific debate about man-made global warming, or that evidence is lacking. Far from it. And the news just gets worse as we learn more.

The re-distribution of wealth is happening regardless, from your pocket to pockets of the very wealthiest.

Randal J. Jacoby


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