In the past several years the local media has worked hard to try to tie Russell Pearce to the J.T. Ready that preached hate, and it is a lie.

Like many others involved in Mesa politics for a long time, Russell Pearce met J.T. Ready when he was fresh out of the United States Marine Corp. J.T. worked as a telephone fundraiser for Christian and pro-life groups, and he seemed like a decent person. At that time, his attitudes and spoken opinions were good and decent. At some point, darkness took over his life, and he began to associate with the most intolerant and hateful groups in society. Russell Pearce was very disappointed at the choices he was making, and he worked with others to have him removed from his local position within the Republican Party, because there has never been and will never be any room in our party or our lives for those preaching hatred. He was angry with Russell Pearce, and he stayed angry with him. This was many years ago, and Russell Pearce never had any more reason to speak with J.T. Ready.

Yet the lie is told and retold over and over again. It is the ugliest form of politics. The most radical groups Russell Pearce has ever belonged to are the Boy Scouts of America and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Anita Christy


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