It’s amazing to me how the Tempe Union and Kyrene school districts are so much like the federal government when it comes to operating within a budget. Has anyone noticed that?

The school districts are constantly asking for budget overrides, telling us that it’s not a tax increase, just an extension of the existing tax. We just went through the possible government shutdown because of a Continuing Resolution (CR) to increase the federal debt limit (now over $17 trillion by the way). I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m a little sick and tired of constantly being asked or forced by the takers of this country to hand over more and more.

Perhaps with a little effort and better planning, the school districts and the federal government could do better. My daughter went to school in Indiana and I paid for all her books and supplies every year. Why can’t parents in Arizona do the same? We are taxed by the state of Arizona for the schools, and also through property taxes. Why is it necessary to ask the taxpayer for additional funding through bonding overrides? Now is the time to JUST SAY NO!

Mary Tousley

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