We're facing a crisis. Our weak borders, and even weaker government stance, are allowing illegal immigrants into our country by the thousands, and with the current administration's stance, I feel it's going to get worse.

My daughter was car jacked at gunpoint by five illegals, so our family knows this issue too well. Two of the five were let go to their parents and never even charged, two went to prison, and one was released on supervised parole. Less than a year later, he's already in prison for a similar offense. When I asked what happens when they finish their terms, I was told the Department of Corrections will notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and if ICE shows at the time of their release they will take them ... if not they will simply be released. I asked what the chances were of ICE showing up and was told, "slim to none."

As I researched candidates for president and their position on this issue, one jumped out at me as being far better than the rest. His name is Herman Cain. He says we should secure our borders first, then enforce our existing laws, and promote the path to citizenship that is already in place. One part of his plan that I especially like is that, while he is strongly against illegal immigration, he actively encourages people to apply for citizenship the legal way. There are actually many great reasons to support this candidate for president; I strongly encourage everyone to learn more about him at www.hermancain.com/the-issues.

James Nossett

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