Dear Editor:

In a recent article on the West family (from Ahwatukee Foothills), who have moved to Swaziland ("Six months in Swaziland," Jan. 7, AFN), I was disappointed to see no reference to this as a calling from God to leave, and take up the care of the children of Swaziland as a mission, nor reference to their local church family - Bridgeway Community Church.

I find it disconcerting that with freedom of religion a basic tenet of America, that our press is now too politically correct to mention Christianity? If this is the Christian nation that we claim to be, then why, when a story is deeply rooted in a family's faith, is there no mention of that faith? Why would a local newspaper not include such details in an article?

It is certainly true that people do service for others for many reasons. But there should be nothing wrong with mentioning anyone's faith in an article on their service to our country or the world. What is wrong is when we have gone so far in being politically correct that we miss the main point of a story in an effort to avoid any mention of God, and a family's belief in their faith of choice.

Kris Black

Editor's note: The story referenced above was a follow-up to an original story the AFN published Jan. 22, 2010, which detailed various reasons why the West family decided to move to Swaziland and did include the name of their AF church.

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