Fred Barlam’s response to Jonathan Butcher’s guest commentary on education is just classic... classic elitist educator.

Nowhere does Barlam present a single argument against any of Butcher’s premise.

Instead Barlam resorts to an ad hominem attack against Butcher, “According to the Goldwater website he does not have a bachelors, masters, or doctorate in education.”

Note that sneak attack: “... in education.” Is Barlam implying that academic excellence certified by degrees is only valid if you have a teaching certificate? I suspect so.

I invite everyone to visit the Goldwater Institute website and observe Butcher’s CV. Besides the requisite graduate degrees, Butcher has substantial experience in education policy, with publication in multiple research journals.

Borrowing a line from many recent letters-to-the-editor, why do you publish Barlam’s tirades? He obviously does not have a bachelors, masters, or doctorate in engineering.

Jim Thompson

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