As the representative for Ahwatukee residents you were personally addressed at numerous meeting, countless emails, surveys and letters (regarding the elimination of Express 540 that serves Ahwatukee Foothills). And you want us to believe that the city of Phoenix (who supplies the largest part of the route) and you did not have the opportunity to review the changes before being finalized?

It got past you?

It appears that all of our attempts to ask for your help have gone down the drain (which is petty full). If this was truly a major concern for you, as our representative, you should have gone the distance to make sure that nothing was finalized until you made sure your voters were heard. It is clear that you do not have our best interests in mind. I guess what the city of Phoenix representative (Joe) said at one of the budget meetings at Pecos Community Center, that you want to get rid of 56 Bus, the only Public Transit bus in Ahwatukee (we don’t count the ALEX) is true. Lesson learned.

“Monitor during the first six months” like you have in the past. Promises, promises. No thank you, I will take my vote and move on.

Bobbie Hendrix

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