Elaine Thompson

We enjoyed the recent guest column by Linda Turley-Hansen, “Federal land grabs prove need for courageous governors,” and might I share with Ms. Turley-Hansen and your readers, Arizona’s in luck.

As Ms. Turley-Hansen put it, we have a “fearless pathfinder” running for governor in Arizona who has the only successful track record of standing up to the fed’s — Christine Jones.

Did you know Christine Jones just announced a plan to send 1,200 Arizona National Guard troops to our southern border – specifically the Tucson sector – to secure our border against illegal immigrants?

And, coincidentally, right in line with Ms. Turley-Hansen’s op-ed, Jones’ border security plan supports our county sheriffs and the attorney general with $60 million to fight narcotics trafficking, human smuggling and all the nasty crimes that come along with those who enter our country by breaking the law.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu stood with Jones in support of her border security plan, too. Babeu is on the front lines, and it’s clear why he’s supporting Jones, she’s the only candidate with a plan to do what the feds won’t – secure our border!

I’ve also learned that Jones is a big proponent of our Second Amendment rights under the Constitution. That’s a good sign, as is Jones’ opposition to the federal government’s mandated Common Core standards in our classrooms.

Ms. Turley-Hansen, there’s a candidate who will lead, and stand up to the federal government on Arizona’s behalf, and that candidate is Christine Jones.

Jim and Audrey Harkenrider

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