Support needed for

Ahwatukee fireworks

Dear Editor:

Please join me in supporting the Red, White and Boom fireworks this July 3 at the Ahwatukee Country Club, 12432 S. 48th St. The event begins at 6 p.m., with fireworks set to go off at 9 p.m. Backed by community demand for local fireworks, the show is sponsored by the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce and paid for entirely by donations.  In other words, if the community wants to keep the fireworks, then each family needs to step up with a donation.

Since my kids were very young, our family has looked forward to bicycling or walking down to the golf course and lying on our backs, looking up and watching the fireworks go off. We didn’t have to drive or face large traffic jams, we saw a lot of our neighbors and the fireworks were literally in our backyard. What a gift. 

Currently, the chamber is only half-way toward its fundraising goal of $35,000, with less than two weeks to go.  A private donor has pledged to match $5,000 in donations raised before July 3, thus your donation today counts double. Donations can be made online at the chamber website,, or contact the chamber at (480) 753-7676.

See you at the fireworks.

Katrina Shawver


YOPAS is great

Dear Editor:

Having totaled my vehicle, I soon became acquainted with the services provided by YOPAS. I had previously recommended their group to a friend never dreaming I would one day need.

Being without a vehicle in Ahwatukee and not living next door to a grocery store or medical facility, I soon became fast friends with this volunteer agency. I had numerous medical appointments: Chandler and Banner facilities and my primary physician’s office were all scheduled.

At first, I was totally paranoid to get into a car, let alone drive. It took four months for me to sit behind the wheel.

Having supportive family, now I have a replacement car and appreciate all that they provided.

Mr. Pascarelli was one of the many who came to my aid. He was knowledgeable about where I needed to be seen and waited patiently (as did others) while the tests were run.

Thank you to YOPAS I survived this period. May God bless you and the others who support this organization.

Peggy Askew


Stimulus at work

Dear Editor:

Recently, we in Ahwatukee were witness to the Economic Recovery Act (stimulus package) at work. We no longer had to wonder if Phoenix received any of the money and what was done with it. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Ray Road and Chandler Boulevard were recently torn up and repaved. We now have nice smooth roads on which to drive.

That would be nice except for one thing; they were both perfectly good stretches of road before the project began. Nobody could think of a better use of these funds than to resurface roads that needed no resurfacing?

A tax rebate for legal U.S. citizens would have been a much better idea. I’m sure we could have thought of much better ways to waste money (what was our money to start with) than the city of Phoenix.

Rich Osiol


Mountain View continues to help people look for work

Dear Editor:

It is hard to believe that one year has gone by since Mountain View Lutheran Church has opened its doors to help people who are looking for work. The job search field has changed during the last year, and we have tried to change with it. We have increased our focus on getting clients to go in and apply for jobs, as well as the resume route. More success has come from the applying on site.

This next year will bring new challenges for us. Many plans are in the works and we are hoping to expand our services. Expansion will allow us to set up a computer lab where job searchers can write their resume as well as look online for jobs.

If you, or someone you know, are looking for a job, please give us a call at our office, (480) 893-2579, ext. 116. We are located at 11002 S. 48th St.

Chuck Patrick


What unconfirmed reports?

Dear Editor:

Regarding Brian Talburt’s letter (“Many ‘thanks’ to Sheriff Joe,” AFN, June 16) and his line: “Now you launch your most recent egotistical campaign to scare people from traveling to those destinations due to ‘unconfirmed’ reports that you probably created yourself as revenge for the Sonora Tourism agency mocking you and your crusade.”

Obviously, Mr. Talburt was absent the past few years when the federal government issued a number of warnings about travel to Mexico. Maybe he hasn’t seen the latest from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, regarding closure of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and that signs warning tourists of the potential dangers have also been placed at Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Organ Pipe National Monument and Coronado National Forest. These are in Arizona. Are these closures and warnings also based on unconfirmed reports?

Pamela Hart




Unhappy with Samsung TV

Dear Editor:

About two years ago we went to the store to buy a TV, they recommended a Samsung. So, we went home and researched this brand and everything seemed OK. Last weekend our 50-inch TV just stopped working without any warning of any sort. The screen was black and it was like the TV was turning itself on and off continually.

I called Samsung and after giving them the model number, they put me on hold for about 10 seconds, then came back on the phone and quickly said they would send someone out. I started to get a weird feeling and thought our model number must be on some sort of list. They said our warranty wouldn’t cover it and they would send someone to come out and fix it at our expense. She could not give me a cost for anything (yet told me it was my light tunnel), so I declined them for that moment.

I went online and found out there are many people like me, and also that a lawsuit has been filed against Samsung.

I called Samsung again and asked if there was a recall and they said no and then referred me to their law department.

After reading so many complaints about problems with Samsung and how much money people had to pay to correct the problem (and many people had to pay several times because the TV kept breaking), I am so upset. I will be having my TV fixed by any other person/company other than Samsung. My question is this: With so many people having this many problems why isn’t this in the news?

Cathy Neukam



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