I am a VOTING citizen of Phoenix. Cut police compensation? What are our council members thinking? Police and fire officers are the only ones left who really protect the citizens of this city. Certainly not the council members. The police and fire officers put their very lives on the line for us and are there to help no matter what help is needed. I realize the fire officers compensation has not been cut YET, but if the police cut happens, guess who is next? I will not be voting for any council member who voted for these cuts and will do everything I can to convince other voters to support our police at the ballot box.

In my opinion the police and fire officers are not paid enough for their risk, sacrifice and community help. Anyone who supports this type of cut — next time you’re a victim of crime or your house is on fire or you need transport to the emergency room, call a councilman.

I’m hopeful the Police Law Enforcement Agency will set up a table outside every library and outside every store to gather the 25,000 signatures to put an initiative on the November ballot. Please publish in your paper where/how we the voters can sign such an initiative.

Maryann Moody

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