Park user fee is fair

A $5 user fee for upkeep of the park is necessary and fair. Stay on the designated paths, no short cuts, take a bag for your doggies and your trash, have an enjoyable walk with beautiful views.

Joe Campbell

Don't be afraid to clean up our federal government

Dear Editor:

The time to "clean house" in our federal Congressional seats is upon us. If you truly feel this to be true, do not be afraid to vote for someone other than the incumbent.

Last summer when I was unemployed I used Wikipedia to see how long the people in our current Congress and Senate (111th) have been in office, whether as a representative, senator or a combination of both.

I feel those who have been there for more than 12 years have been part of the corruption and arrogance in Washington D.C.

John McCain has been in D.C. for more than 27 years, Jon Kyl has been there for 23 years, Ed Pastor has been roosting in D.C. for 17 years!

Don't panic that a "new comer" wouldn't know how to serve without the guidance of those who have been in Congress and the Senate who know the "ropes" of running those parts of our federal government. That is why America is in so much trouble!

Once the 2010 elections are over the next steps the states in the United States (which is supposed to be a representative government) need to create within their state Legislatures is term limits for the federal Congress people serving in Washington D.C.

After term limits have been enacted and amended into federal law, each state representative should gather together with other state representatives from their own state to appoint an honest accountant (or two) per state to dredge through the federal government's budget and get rid of redundant offices, wasteful spending, and cancel the perks of being a Congressperson or a senator because they should never have any "perks" better than the average American. I feel these perks are too enticing and keep these people in federal offices for way too long.

Laura Smitherman

Thank you C.W.

Dear Editor:

Kudos to C.W.Griffin, one of the best contributing writers in the Ahwatukee Foothills News.

Joe Campbell



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