In the past few years, Arizona has attempted to do what it sees best for the state. This includes denying people the right to work, persecuting people based solely on nationality, and attempting to segregate children born in the U.S. by noting on their birth certificate that they were born of non-U.S. citizens. These bills are only designed to discriminate against Hispanics trying to get a better life in the states. By doing this, the state of Arizona is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy where, by excluding able workers from the labor market, they force the "natural" born citizens of the state to take up their jobs. These bills will also encourage the discrimination of citizens naturalized at birth into the state. By marking them on birth certificates, it's an easy step to say that job candidates or residents marked with this stamp will not be eligible for jobs or state offices because of their social status. As Howard Fisher mentioned in his Tribune article, another part of the bill is designed to allow other states to recognize these certificates. These preposterous propositions pushing their way out of the Capitol building are setting up the nation for another civil war pitting a collection of bullheaded, ignorant states that fear for their "economic" stability against members of a union prepared to fight for the freedom and rights of everyone, not just its citizens.

Duncan McQuarrie

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