This is my rebuttal to Mr. Raul Gomez (“Vote and make the correct choice,” AFN, Oct. 28).

Why would anyone choose to vote for a pro-choice candidate? Saving the lives of innocent children should be most important, rather than to worry about the programs to help the middle class.

Obama made promises he hasn’t kept and never will keep. His Obama Health Care Plan is filled with terrible choices “We the People” will be forced to take or be punished by imposing penalties on those who refuse his Obamacare.

If you are a true Christian, and knowingly you choose to vote for a pro-choice candidate, you too are responsible for the killing of innocent children. Our Catholic religion teaches to never knowingly vote for a pro-choice candidate who advocates abortions. This is a mandate, not an option.

Those who vote for Obama, need to study his record for the last four years and see that he has done nothing to improve our economy, workforce, etc., in other words he has done nothing to warrant his re-election.

Remember the choice you make on Nov. 6 will affect not only you, but all future generations.

Open your eyes and vote for freedom and a “Nation Under God.”

Gloria Costello

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