Mr. Don Kennedy, your entire letter is not just inaccurate (“Operate within budget instead of asking for bond override,” AFN, Oct. 9), it’s very premise for opposing the request of the district doesn’t even exist. Tempe Union is not requesting a bond. There is no tax increase. There is no debt in this request. There are no additional dollars going in to the budget. I realize this makes this response brutally short and lacking great debate. None of what you said is true. So since we are supporting the very action you seem to call for, to endorse a CONTINUATION of the EXISTING spending authority WITHOUT a tax increase for a school district that has, by far, the LOWEST tax rates in Maricopa County, I would hope that the wonderful services provided by this district has now earned your vote.

As important, Mr. Kennedy, I do not mean to be flippant, but good, accurate information is of value to every resident of the Ahwatukee Foothills community and we appreciate the dialogue, value your input and support your need for accurate information. Our web page,, is constantly updated as is our Facebook page. Come visit us and get the facts. Join us and see how grateful we are. Support our kids and see how good you feel. Get accurate information and empower yourself. And let’s be thankful that in our wonderful community we have schools like Mountain Pointe and Desert Vista that continue to inspire, teach and train our children with spectacular results academically and with the BEST value to any taxpayer in Maricopa County for the lowest overall cost by far.

Dick Foreman

Co-chairman of the YYSOS campaign supporting the TUHSD M&O Override

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