Kudos on article/profile Dear Editor: Terrific article on Steve Hammer. I think you did a great job in capturing his spirit, which is unpretentious and humorous, as well as his focus on creating an atmosphere here at Esperanza (Lutheran Church) that is welcoming and open-ended. There can be so much theological baggage at church, handed down from our forebears, and the simple act of cutting through them isn't an easy thing. Steve has always been guided by reason and compassion. I'm delighted that the Ahwatukee community can get a glimpse of what I get of him day in and day out. Being able to communicate that is plain good journalism. Well done! David Kruse Coste Minister of Music and Worship Arts Esperanza Lutheran Church D. Kennedy is no expert Dear Editor: Every night before I go to sleep I hope and pray that when I wake up I will be miraculously transformed into a retired, independent insurance agent. You see, after reading D. Kennedy's past letters to the AFN and now the commentary piece "Curmudgeon's Corner" (Feb. 13, AFN), I have become convinced that being a retired, independent insurance agent makes you an expert on every subject and in every field imaginable. From global warming to the education of our children to who knows what, it does not matter whether you possess any formal education or training in that specific field or even any professional experience for that matter. All that matters is that you shoot off your mouth professing to be an expert and, poof, you become one. Fred Barlam

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