I have written before about Obama appointing 33 czars, to act as central planners. Central planners are required in communist countries, because the government needs to direct policy for all businesses. When we move from capitalism to communism you need to be aware of the differences. In capitalism all businesses work to make their business efficient, so they can compete in the market. In communism the effort is to be inefficient, so they can hire a lot of workers. Obama is going to direct his czars to audit each company, then set their workers salaries (usually 30-50 percent lower). The czars will then require each company to hire 30-50 percent more workers than needed. This will make each company much more inefficient, but because there is no competition it doesn’t matter how efficient you are.

This is why Obama announced that in the health care sector all doctors will have the same salary, all nurses will have the same salary, etc. This is truly a communist metric. Remember that all economic sectors have czars that will promote communism. This will result in the conversion from capitalism to communism. I hope everyone out there realizes that electing Obama was the stupidest thing that America could do.

Don Crook

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