I recently attended Curves on a five-day trail basis, I knew I was only coming just because it was free. I have gone to Curves, off and on, at least three to four times in my lifetime thus far, always becoming bored, complicit and unconnected. Boy, was I surprised.

What I have found here at this Curves in Ahwatukee is a wonderful community of great ladies, joyous and dedicated to healthier, feel good lifestyles, and a staff that really cares. I come during the morning between 6 and 7 a.m. The staff is excellent, very attentive and driven to my needs and everyone else’s needs. They keep their eyes and ears on us, always making sure we are using the equipment properly, checking our heartbeat counts, making sure we are in the right “zone” and burning calories.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised how much Curves has advanced and how progressive it has become. I would have never known unless I tried out that five-day free trail. I found a community of wonderful women striving for activity and better health. A great “good morning” greeting and “have a good day” as you leave salutation, which I love being a part of.

I am a happy 63-year-old young lady who has found a home here at Curves, I will be joining this group, and I know there are lots of things to do here to keep me empowered, motivated and successful in my journey of a great, healthy, lifestyle.

Deborah Scipio

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