The latest egregious error in Don Crook’s letter printed on Dec. 29, 2013 (“A comment on the Snowden disclosures,” AFN) says, “Wayne had attended Columbia University and was in the same class as Obama, given by Cloward and Piven...” There is a tiny problem with this claim when you check the New York Times article ( It says: “Neither one knew their famous Columbia classmate, Barack Obama. “I’ve not only not met him,” Mr. Root said, “I’ve not met anybody who met him.” This is clearly impossible for someone in the same class.

Mr. Crook’s conclusions are constructed on a foundation of quicksand. He also speculated that Mr. Obama attended Columbia as a foreign exchange student, which is a laughable claim. Readers may want to resolve to believe no letters to the editor until performing elementary fact-checking.

Ken Mason

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