Dear Editor:

I would like to add to the article about the new Holistic Farmers Market ("Holistic Farmers Market opens at Mercado Shopping Center," Jan. 19, AFN) that has begun at the Mercado Shopping Center (Safeway) at 48th Street and Elliot Road on the second and fourth Friday of each month. The article showcased only a couple of vendors, but there are about 15 to 20 other vendors I would like to (mention).

We had a lady that does wonderful caricatures. She did a picture of me in just a few minutes and then I gave her a picture of my dog (now deceased) and she added it to my picture. It was very cute and sweet and brought tears to my eyes because I loved it so much. And we had a lady who does fantastic hair fashion like bows, headbands, hats, etc. These are very popular with the young people and her prices were great. We had another lady who makes beautiful stained glass pieces. We have someone who sells scrapbooking items for excellent prices. Scrapbooking is very popular at the moment so it's a great place to find a bargain. We've had people that do skin care, jewelry, energy healing, martial arts, face painting, etc. And we have many people contacting the health center who are interested in participating in future shows.

We are hoping to build this farmers market into something that the community will be very happy to come to. There is even live music to enhance the mood. Spread the word and come help support our creative and committed people as they bring you their talents and products.

Sharon Hauser

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