I suppose Fred Barlam (“People in dire emergency used as pawns,” AFN, June 1), if faced with an emergency where he needed to buy tires for his car, and all his credit cards were maxed out, would ask his neighbors to buy the tires for him?

The rest of us ... we’d cut eating out for awhile.

For Barlam’s information, Tim Pawlenty has already announced he’d be for eliminating ethanol subsidies, and Sarah Palin has suggested eliminating ALL subsidies. Quite frankly, NOTHING should be subsidized.

As for Frank Bing (“Do they have the courage of their convictions?,” AFN, June 1) and his claimed destruction of Medicare ... that’s all propaganda ... no such thing is going to happen.

Bing knows that, I know that, even Barlam knows that. Barlam and Bing are simply leftist platitude spinners. I’ve been on Medicare for almost seven years.

Of course I pay extra premiums for Part B and Part D, and also for a supplemental policy that covers deductibles.

But I’d be most happy if Fred and Frank would volunteer to subsidize that for me.

Jim Thompson

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