Foothills Pet Resort rocks

Dear Editor:

I am a believer of shopping within the Ahwatukee/Foothills “village,” so I always read with interest the featured Business Profile in the AFN. The profile regarding the Foothills Pet Resort (Oct. 16) touched me personally.

A little over a year ago I adopted Sadie, a poodle puppy, who was plagued with various problems, including extreme shyness and fear of other dogs and people.

When I discussed the possibility of day care with JJ Kruglick and Jimmy Barker they assured me that they would spend extra time with Sadie and gradually ease her into being comfortable around other dogs and people. It has now been almost a year and Sadie knows when it’s Tuesday and Friday. She is ready to go to day care and see her “friends.”

JJ and Jimmy definitely know the importance of good customer service as it relates to running a successful business and it is obvious that they enjoy what they are doing. The entire staff is caring, helpful and always fuss over Sadie when she walks in the door (In fact, if they opened a “people day care” I would consider going myself!). Anyone considering day care or boarding for your canine companion should check out this great business. You and your pet will be happier for the experience!

Gayle Grigg and Sadie


Obama’s chess to Cheney’s checkers

Dear Editor:

As President Barack Obama considers carefully the future direction of the war effort in Afghanistan, he is ridiculed by former Vice President Dick Cheney, who hastily bolted out of Afghanistan into Iraq, a miscalculation of epical proportions.

In making decisions about the lives of American soldiers and Afghan civilians, Obama deliberates and considers nuances as Cheney blows once again the heated war horn and debunks deliberation. Obama was elected president at least in part because he had warned that the rush into the war in Iraq was ill-considered and too hasty. His judgment was correct.

Now Cheney blasts Obama for seeking the counsel and wisdom of leaders of both parties and allies as he redefines and reconfigures the future mission and strategy in Afghanistan. In the rush to war in Iraq, Cheney consulted only neocon warriors. Obama considers the ramifications of world order and international law; Cheney had preferred apocalyptic shock and awe. Obama, it seems, plays chess. Cheney knows only checkers.

RW Kistner, Phoenix


Thanking the AF community for supporting Spencer Shores

Dear Editor:

As a business owner in this great community, I would like to thank each and every community member for their unbelievable support and generosity. On Oct. 21, The BAR Fitness hosted the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce evening mixer. In conjunction with this event, we held a fundraiser for Spencer Shores and his family, and our incredible local business owners and residents blew me away with how they came together to support this special family. Over 200 people attended the event!

The night could not have happened without a true team effort and I would like to personally thank Heidi’s Events and Catering for providing the wonderful food and Native New Yorker for providing the beer for all to enjoy. Both of these businesses are consistently supportive of our community, and they deserve to be recognized for the work they do.

In addition, businesses and individuals from Ahwatukee and from around the Valley donated goods and services to be auctioned and raffled off. As a result, we were able to give the Shores family over $7,000! Thank you to all of the businesses who donated and thank you to the chamber of commerce for letting us include this event as part of the mixer.

A list of all the donors who contributed to this event is posted online at I am so proud to be part of this community and I look forward to many more years of giving back.

Brad Rogers

Owner, The BAR Fitness


Coming soon to the elementary school in your neighborhood...

Dear Editor:

I pledge allegiance to Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama and to the community organization for which he stands: one nation under ACORN, unchallengeable, with wealth redistribution and climate change for all.

Jim Thompson


Harry Mitchell to ADOT boss John S. Halikowski

Dear Director Halikowski:

This week a Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) committee approved a plan to extend the Loop 202 through Ahwatukee Foothills and South Mountain Park and it is believed that MAG’s Regional Council will give final approval to forward its recommendation to the Arizona Department of Transportation for an environmental impact study.

As you know, I am opposed to construction of a new freeway through Ahwatukee Foothills along a Pecos Road alignment.

While I understand the need for an I-10 bypass to enable cross-country traffic to move through our metropolitan area without snarling traffic on the Broadway curve or downtown Phoenix, I believe we must explore alternatives, particularly as it relates to traffic of interstate trucks, before considering a new freeway through Ahwatukee. In addition to discussions with the Gila River Indian Community, I believe we need to consider the impact that construction of a future Hassayampa Freeway would have on congestion alleviation.

As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, I am eager to work with you on this issue.

Thank you for your assistance.

Harry E. Mitchell

Member of Congress


Alzheimer and high school football

Dear Editor:

Last week the National Football League (NFL) said that football players in their league were 19 times more likely to get Alzheimer than the general population (that is 19 times not 19 percent). The NFL players are adults and are paid well. They can make their own decisions.

The question I pose for all parents who have teenagers who want to play football is: “With that danger of getting Alzheimer, how can you let him play?” God gave parents superior minds so they could make the tough decisions, use it.

A necrologist said he cringed every time he sees a player get knocked down because he knows what happens to the brain.

I don’t understand putting our children at risk in high school football.

Jim Taunt

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