In her opponent-mocking defense of the Catholic bishops’ opposition to birth-control financing, Linda Turley-Hansen (“Why you should pay for my birth control,” Feb. 19, AFN) ignores the annihilation of these bishops’ moral authority. During the massive pedophile scandal, these bishops collectively pursued these corrupt policies:

• Intimidation of molested altar boys’ parents, demanding that they keep quiet.

• Transfers of pedophile priests to other, unwarned parishes.

• Failure to report pedophile crimes to local police.

• Participation in a gigantic, Vatican-sanctioned cover up.

• Despite this, moral corruption.

Turley-Hansen parrots the bishops’ argument that the Obama birth-control policy is unconstitutional, based on the ridiculous assumption that anti-contraceptive fanatics have a First Amendment right to impose their primitive morality on society at large.

This controversy is about birth control, not religious liberty. No one has denied birth control opponents the right to their moral judgment. That’s the limit of their religious freedom.

C.W. Griffin

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