The gentleman produced a well-written, cogent commentary (“Can anyone seriously argue that the Iraq War was truly justified?” AFN, March 27) on the wisdom of the Iraq War. However, isn’t the Iraq War old news? Unless, perhaps, one wants to review the Iraqi constitution, which is a perfect example of a theocratic state. That constitution specifically says Islam is the national religion. Somewhat contrary to our Constitution, which supports religious freedom. How is it possible to have a free democracy when the government tells you who to worship as your spiritual savior?

Is he looking into the future when the current quasi-democratic Iraqi government will be replaced by another dictatorship which will be of the Shiite persuasion as opposed to the Sunni dictatorship of Hussein? Chances are the leader of that government will be Muqtada al Sadr, a Shiite cleric, who’s in self-imposed exile in Iran. He fled the country when the U.S. won the war. This scenario probably won’t happen until the U.S. has completely abandoned Iraq. And that’s a-comin’.

Rather than dredge up old news, would it be more fun to discuss universal health care, Obama-style? Or the never-ending quantatative-easing plans of this administration, which are leading to the financial collapse of our nation? If we continue to pump worthless paper money into the economy, we’ll soon find ourselves making the Weimar Republic of post-World War I Germany look like prosperity personified. Those were the good ole days when it took a wheelbarrow load of Deutsche Marks to buy a few staples for the table. Oh, wait, the financial destruction of our nation started in 1929 under the Republican administration of Herbert Hoover. How could I forget that? Then, as if the Great Depression wasn’t bad enough, our political leaders accepted Keynesian economics as our economic policy. We know how that’s working.

What about some discussion of the possible coming wars with North Korea and Iran? Either of which could lead to the destruction of the United States. Or the current political mess we’ve made in Libya (remember Benghazi?) and Egypt through our nation-building efforts? Or our continuing efforts to convince the Muslim world we Christians are good guys when the Koran specifically says Islam is the superior religion and all others must be vanquished? As long as there are Jews and Christians in the world, that war will never end in the minds of the Muslims. Or how the Obama administration has so weakened our nation, our enemies now see us as easy pickin’s? That kind of leadership’s hard to beat, isn’t it?

However, if one must dwell on old news, let’s talk about how the banks of Wall Street supported the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Or discuss how our nation-building of China in 1946 led to a Communist government? Or Cuba? Or Vietnam? Or the Korean War, which led to the division of the Korean state? How about the overthrow of the Shah of Iran during the Carter administration? With friends like the U.S., you don’t need enemies. We have done more to establish despotic dictatorships than any government in the history of the world.

We owe the world a sincere mea culpa while putting our own house in order by following the fundamentals given to us by the Founding Fathers. Using some common sense might help, too.

Don Kennedy

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