Dear Editor:

In this season of giving thanks I would like to thank all the hunters of Arizona for helping out our community. I would like to draw attention to the economic value the hunting industry has on Arizona's local economy. The Arizona Elk Society recently partnered along with 50 other business and organizations, with Hunting Works for Arizona. Hunting Works for Arizona is a partnership of businesses and organizations who understand the economic impact the hunting industry has on businesses in Arizona and the economy. Our mission is "to promote the strong economic partnership between the hunting and shooting communities and the local economy of Arizona."

One wish this season is that more people would take the time to consider how hunting benefits them, even if they don't hunt. As a longtime hunter myself I cannot begin to say how much money I have spent on the sport. Most of the costs I am talking about are for things like equipment, which I buy at my local sporting goods store; travel expenses, which I spend on things like gas, food or motels when I am out of town; and licenses. All of this spending from one individual contributes to the jobs and businesses that exist because of hunters.

In addition to the businesses the industry supports, the license and tag fees go toward conservation efforts, which benefit everyone who loves the outdoors. I am a longtime member of the Arizona Elk Society and we have actively and aggressively working to raise money for conservation efforts such as wildlife habitat restoration projects. Together we say thank you hunters for the dollars you spend in our state and the jobs you directly and indirectly support as a result of your spending.

Steve Clark

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