I’m a firm believer in accountability. I don’t believe Arizona’s K-12 education accountability plan is tough enough. Yes, we require all our public-school students to take the statewide assessment. Students must pass AIMS to get into fourth grade and graduate from high school. However, students and schools are only accountable for math and reading. Furthermore, once-a-year “bubble-in” exams are incapable of measuring whether students can apply skills in “real world” situations. We do give third- through 10th-graders writing exams, but experts don’t evaluate them. Pearson, the London-based testing company Arizona hired, advertises for $12 an-hour temporary workers to score tests (bachelor’s degree required).

I’ve been assured Arizona is planning a new “super-test” (PARCC or whatever assessment Arizona selects) capable of measuring higher-level thinking skills and providing immediate results. However, ADE estimates this new-generation test will cost $13.5 million to develop. Actual budget: $8 million. Implementation: $22.5 million — every year.

I’ve reviewed research, studied top-performing countries, and talked with countless educators… and, I’ve developed a radical idea. My plan ensures we have a world-class education system and it stimulates Arizona’s economy by keeping millions of dollars in state rather than enriching foreign testing companies.

The radical idea: Instead of giving students a test in reading and math one or two times a year, I propose we assess all public-school students in every subject, multiple times, using a variety of methods. Assessments should be as close to real-world application as possible, measuring students’ ability to apply learning (orally, in writing, and in practical demonstrations).

To implement this system, we will need to invest in training a cadre of experts capable of assessing student learning. There should be a rigorous certification process to confirm we can actually trust these experts with the important task of assessment.

My plan calls for imbedding one of these experts in every classroom so they can timely communicate student growth directly to students and parents. We should enforce a statewide policy that no student moves to the next grade or subject until our trusted, embedded, highly-qualified assessment expert is satisfied the student has the prerequisite knowledge and skills for success. Between assessments, these skilled practitioners could use their expertise to help students master core concepts. We should equip each school with a qualified leader, group schools geographically, and provide a chief executive for each group. For another layer of accountability, we could even elect a statewide Superintendent of Public Assessment for oversight.

This radical plan is a practical, sustainable, effective method to ensure every child in Arizona receives a world-class education.

Jody Johnson

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