Government health care will reduce care

Dear Editor:

If I had to pick a federal agency or two as an example of federal programs that “work,” I probably would not choose Social Security or Medicare as writer Fred Barlam did in his letter to the editor (“Deja vu all over again,” AFN, April 2). His point was that Republican opposition to Obama Care was based on the sentiment that it would destroy the nation, and while I do not share that belief, I do believe it will decrease availability of health care services, decrease the number of practicing doctors, and increase costs to consumers. Exactly the opposite of what those who wrote this bill promised.

Whether those costs are borne by the direct medical consumer or the taxpayer, they will go up. I cannot recall any program directly administered by the federal government that reduced real costs, and typically the government’s involvement increased costs. Medicare is already facing a reduction in services to trim costs and Social Security, having bloated far beyond its original mandate, is increasing its bite of the general budget as the “lock box” concept was never put into place. I just hope I don’t get too sick in 30 years, Mr. Barlam. I shudder to think of what health care will have become after being run by government bureaucrats for that long.

Mark Burckhard


Have you noticed?

Dear Editor:

About two years ago, Congress said it was time to start drilling off shore to use our own crude oil resources. The price of crude dropped from about $140 a barrel to around $33 a barrel in a few weeks. The price of gasoline dropped right with it. A bonanza for the consumer.

Recently, our president said it’s time to start drilling off shore in a restricted area off the coast of Virginia. The price of crude was about $80 a barrel at the time. A week later, it is $86.43 a barrel and climbing. The price of gasoline is going right along, too.

Congress speaks and the markets listen. Obama speaks and the markets laugh. However, the joke’s on us, the consumer. Ya gotta love the guy for his priceless sense of humor.

Don Kennedy


Arizona Legislature gets an F in education

Dear Editor:

Is it any wonder that Arizona came in second to last out of the 40 states that applied for up to $250 million in federal “Race to the Top” money from the U.S. Department of Education. Why would the department trust a state in which education has never been a financial priority, whose current legislative budget destroys education even further and one that has even eliminated all funding for GED programs?

When it comes to educating our children our Legislature is incompetent and the feds know it.

A perfect example of this is the latest legislative proposal to retain all students who are not reading on grade level in the third grade without allotting any money for new reading programs. As an educator for more than 30 years I can attest that study after study has shown that reading improves dramatically with the implementation of a research based, data driven, reading program from kindergarten through third grade. These programs, and there are many successful ones, are expensive in both purchase price and number of teachers necessary for proper implementation

If our Legislature won’t even invest in the education of our children why would the U.S. Department of Education want to?

Fred Barlam


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