Regarding “Drive with consideration on Pecos Road” by David Daggett (AFN, Feb. 12): AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! Daggett hits it right on the head. The south Phoenix Autobahn, otherwise known as Pecos Road, is full of people each morning who are on their way to events infinitely more important than the rest of us.

I freely admit I drive Pecos at 60 mph, but I get passed most days like grandpa out for a Sunday drive. And those same very important people are usually headed back into Ahwatukee after 5 p.m. westbound. I point out the intersection of Pecos Road and 40th Street where the near right lane (the far right lane is right turn only onto 40th Street) is used as a “gun-your-engine-and-pass-everyone-you-can-so-you-can-jam-your-car-into-the-next-left-lane-before-you-hit-the-park-n-ride-barrier.” That lane is actually a turning lane for the park-n-ride, but it is used as an “I’m-impatient-and-I-cannot-wait-like-everyone-else” lane. Just another opportunity for those whose time is much more important than the rest of us to show their stripes.

For you frustrated Mario Andretti’s out there — realize that not everyone may be equal to your level of driving prowess. With that extra four minutes it costs you to be considerate, you might just catch the next Eagles song on the radio. So “Take It Easy” and watch out for us 60 mph slowpokes.

Scott Lanham

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