Why are we paying more when everyone else is cutting back?

Dear Editor:

To say I was shocked when I read the recent commentary (Dec. 25, AFN) entitled, “MPR HOA: Let them eat cake,” would be an understatement. In a year where our country has endured a very difficult economic downtown, how can our elected board run our association in this manner: opaque finances, pay raises, a very generous health care plan, etc. for the staff and increased dues for homeowners? As there was no refute from the board of the financial numbers provided, one can only assume that Sandra Miller was correct in her assessment of our association’s finances. While community members/families are losing jobs and benefits, the HOA is increasing theirs and wanting more. How arrogant!

Miller gives the board an out saying that many of the HOA’s personnel expenses are lumped into one category, “Payroll Overhead,” and that the board members may not know what that category covers. I’m assuming each board member runs a household or has been in business/management somewhere and has said, “what does this mean.” At a time when many companies are negotiating better contracts from their service providers, we are paying more? How can that be?

I cannot believe that the board members do not know where our money is being spent. If they truly do not know, they should be removed for incompetence.

I want to thank Miller for bringing this issue to my attention. I will now become more active in our HOA and I encourage others to do the same. I have spent most of the last 18 years living in the greater Ahwatukee area and I’m pained to see this issue raise its head in our community.

See you at the next meeting.

Giles Tipsword


It’s all George Bush’s fault!

Dear Editor:

The Christmas Day Detroit flight terrorist* screwed up in attempting to blow up the aircraft. Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano said initially that our security system worked, then later it didn’t work – but the bomber’s only failure was properly igniting the device and then having a Dutchman overpowering him before he could correct his error.

If the Nigerian-Muslim terrorist* had succeeded, the Obama administration would have undoubtedly blamed George W. Bush, Carl Rove and even Sarah Palin for creating an environment of acrimony and hostility toward the Islamic world since 9-11!

As Rodney King said, “can’t we all just get along,” and can’t we just allow the terrorists* to blow up a maximum of two aircraft per month and be done with all these airport and airplane restrictions, searches and delays.

When the incident happened, it took four levels of bureaucracy and three hours (data from FOX News) to process this intelligence information through the “do not use the terrorism* word” White House. I only have one question! Why did it take the White House so long to process the information and take action when it could have been a multiple aircraft terrorist* attack similar to the one thwarted by the U.K. some time ago and here on Sept. 11, 2001?

Alan Tindale

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