I was reading the guest commentary of Don Kennedy (Aug. 30) in the Ahwatukee Foothills News and decided reply. In Don’s world it looks like there are only two choices, the socialist or the patriot. Given our two party system, yes there are two choices or really are there? Is Don implying that the Democrats are socialist and Republicans are patriots? But let me not get ahead of myself.

Don blames our failure squarely on our education system. Really? As far as I know the people who set the curriculum for our kids are all elected officials. So in the final analysis the electorate is to blame (if any) for that fiasco. Elections have consequences.

Question: When was the last time Don attended classes? I have kids in school and as far as I know they have to take American history and as far as I can tell they do teach the kids about our Founding Fathers. However, it would interest Don to know that it is not the U.S. which has fallen behind, it is that the rest of the world has caught up with the U.S. in education. In a “flat world” it is easy and cheaper to find a person in China or India to do the same job being done here in the U.S. This is just a fact Don, and guess what, your good friends, the Capitalist CEOs, have figured that out and used it to maximize their profits which they stash in Swiss or Caribbean bank accounts. Unfortunately, it takes a little more than watching Fox News to figure that out.

Don’s next blame games goes on to politicians. Here, however, Don suffers from selective amnesia. If you look at his diatribe of maladies ailing us, it looks vaguely familiar to the bile spewed by Fox News, which I have no doubt Don is an avid follower. Nothing about the debacle known as the Iraq war, where a very naïve President Bush gave us false reasons to wage a totally useless war in Iraq costing us over a trillion dollars and more importantly causing us to lose more than 4,500 of our brave soldiers and maiming over 20,000. This is not even counting the 300,000-plus Iraqi casualties. Or the other debacle, under Bush, known as the Wall Street fiasco where trillions were gambled away and we the tax payer were left to hold the bag. Of course such things can never happen under patriots or can they?

In the real world Don, there are many choices and socialism is not one of them. Let’s start with science for a change. When asked if the world was created or evolved, the “patriots” all voted for creation. Really? The world is 6,000 years old? Which Christian madrassa did all these patriots attend? Perhaps what we need to teach in school is less about “patriots” who believed that any person other than white were 3/5th humans and had the audacity to state that all men are created equals, and more about evolution, math, physics and chemistry. You know, the very same subjects that the Chinese and Indian kids are beating our kids in and the very same subject that gives us a better understanding of ourselves and our world, curing diseases and creating hardware and software for us to Google the heck about any subject under the sun. So Don, get your head out of the sand, call Fox News and Google evolution, Iraq, Bush, etc. for a change. Get your facts straight and stop living in a black and white world. As Paul Simon once said, “everything looks worse in black and white.” The world is full of color and they are beating the heck out of the “patriot” party.

Stan D’Souza

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