This holiday season, please consider extending your compassion and generosity to poor people and exhausted animals in India by becoming an Animal Rahat sponsor (“Rahat” means “relief” in Hindi).

Throughout India, thousands of bullocks, horses, and donkeys are forced to pull heavy carts for miles. Many suffer from muscle strain and painful sores. The exhausted animals are disturbingly thin and dehydrated because they’re often not given enough food or water.

To help these animals, Animal Rahat employees have installed water tanks around the main towns and designed screens that can be attached to the carts and used as shelter against the sun, or as a blanket in winter. Animal Rahat veterinarians inoculate the animals against disease and provide them with special supplements.

The program pays impoverished people to rest their animals; they receive a subsidy for allowing sick, injured, and elderly animals to retire. If they can’t care for their animals at home, the animals may live at the Animal Rahat retirement center. Show your holiday spirit and visit to sponsor an animal.


Heather Moore

The PETA Foundation

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