Obama Care is going full force. They have been signing a lot of people up, and the media is suggesting that the people will fall in love with it. I was talking with a friend and asked him what metric would you use to indicate whether Obama Care is successful. We never came up with a metric. If 20 million people sign up and receive great service, would that be the metric that we should use?

Not for me. You see, Congress passed this bill, and everything in it is law. Now, most people think that if service is great, then the bill is great. My metric would be if the health care czar is eliminated from the bill.

Why do I say that? Well, the big problem with the bill is that it gives Obama complete power over the government. He has set up 33 czars, one for each economic sector, which report to him only, completely eliminating Congress. This is an unconstitutional law. It completely violates the make-up of the Constitution. The Constitution requires that Congress make the laws, not the president. The present arraignment allows all of the czars to take orders from the president, giving him all power.

This law should be brought to the Supreme Court, with the specific goal of eliminating all of the czars. This is clearly a totalitarian form of government. Our dictator is Obama. So, in effect the positive benefits of giving free health care to 20-30 million people is negated by the negative effect of losing our rights.

If Obama is allowed to keep Obama Care as it is, our next issue will be whether we want the Constitution, or not. This is the crucial issue. I feel that Obama is going to push to eliminate the Constitution, so there will be no 22nd Amendment. This amendment limit’s the term of the president to two terms. Watch out for a complete power grab!

Don Crook

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