Dear Editor: After reading some of the letters in the Sept. 10 (AFN), regarding Linda Turley-Hansen's commentary of Sept. 14, I was angry. Then the sadness set in. It's sad to see the political and economic myopia of some people these days. The Marxist brainwashing of the past 94 years has done its job. That which started as a small snowball of an ideology has become a careening juggernaut of oppressive socialism that will destroy the nation. And very few understand it. Believe me, it's going to be worse as time progresses. Indoctrination has replaced true education. Ayn Rand was right when she wrote Atlas Shrugged. In today's world, the Franklins, Jeffersons, Madisons and the rest of our Founding Fathers would be pariahs. Have the Dark Ages come again? If so, will there be another Reformation? The cruel pendulum of history swings, but in the wrong direction for the truly enlightened. And so it has always been. In today's world, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution wouldn't have been written as they are, if at all. The multiculturalists and moral relativists would see to that. In 1832, Alexis de Tocqueville said the United States would become socialistic in a very democratic way when he wrote, "Democracy in America." He was right. Don Kennedy

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