Dear Editor:

In response to Joe Campbell's letter ("I'm an American," AFN, Sept. 1), where he strongly implied that conservatives are not Americans. We're truly sorry that Campbell is so angry. It seems to us that he is basing his opinion of conservatives on a very pessimistic caricature of conservatism. The weather in Phoenix will be getting cooler soon, so your local Republicans would like to invite you to turn off MSNBC, step away from the blogs, and venture outside. Meet some conservatives. Talk to them. What you'll find is a group of your neighbors who care deeply about their country. They are most definitely Americans. We might even call them patriots.

A great place to meet conservatives is at the monthly meeting hosted by your local Republicans (you can find meeting information at All are welcome at our meetings, including Mr. Campbell. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. You'll see that it's nothing scary. Just a group of your fellow Americans that happen to disagree with you on some political issues.

Jeff Kolb

Communications Director, District 20 Republicans

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