Mitt Romney’s tough talk on foreign policy shows why we should always check the military service records of self-proclaimed superpatriots. Like Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz, Rush Limbaugh and other Republican chicken hawks, Romney was a Vietnam draft dodger, whose five sons have similarly avoided military service.

Romney never reveals his specific solutions to problems like Iran, Syria, and Israel, but condemns President Obama’s non-existent apologies for U.S. foreign policy. He hints at war against Iran, military intervention in Syria, and has virtually pledged total obedience to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, allowing him to spend $4 billion in annual U.S. aid with no criticism of his obstructive settlement-expanding policy for Israel’s ultraorthodox Jews, who refuse military service while secular Jews fight their battles for them.

Romney shows great courage in his willingness to risk others’ lives in pursuit of his policies. A true patriot would have risked his own life.

C.W. Griffin

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