Recently an article appeared in a bulletin I receive, "Pregnancy Helpline." It presented a theory on the cause of autism that I have never heard before. Here are some excerpts:

"...a study released in May 2010 at the International Meeting for Autism Research... had an astonishing premise. Dr. Theresa Deisher of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute presented two papers. The first paper describes specific years in which autism takes steep upward turns. A March 2010 paper from the Environmental Protection Agency has also identified distinct years at which autism rose worldwide, called changepoints. ... Scientific analysis of these changepoint years demonstrates that neither increased general awareness about autism nor financial incentives to diagnose autism are associated with these changepoints. Therefore, other environmental or sociologic factors must be sought that are linked to these changepoint years."

The second paper Dr. Deisher presented "identifies an environmental factor linked to these changepoint years and introduces their research into the biology behind this association. Over decades, and across continents, the switch from using animal cells to produce vaccines (polio, MMR, chickenpox, hepatitis A, shingles, and rabies) to using aborted fetal cells to produce vaccines is linked to autism changepoint years..."

According to Deisher, the DNA from these aborted cells may trigger an auto-immune response or the introduced DNA from the vaccine may insert into the DNA of the child receiving the vaccination interrupting normal functions.

The article provided a website where you may find a list of vaccines that do not contain the DNA of aborted cells:

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, I felt this is worthwhile to share.

Roseann Wagner

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