Look at Harry's record

Dear Editor:

You've had a few letters in praise of Harry Mitchell lately. I thought I'd look up his voting record.

On opencongress.org much that's got Mitchell's name attached to it is fluff about renaming a post office or expressing support for charitable Americans. I found a few good things, like stopping automatic congressional pay raises and auditing the private Federal Reserve. But there were some glaring problems, too.

Mitchell voted for the Food Safety and Modernization Act. Pushed because of a few highly-publicized problems in industrial food production plants, which already broke existing laws, this act places costly regulations on small, direct market farmers and small food processors. When you crush everyone equally, only the large factories and corporate farms will survive. This bill passed the House and is currently being loaded up with more strangling regulation in the Senate by John McCain, this time against vitamins, 117-plus pages.

Mitchell voted for the banker bailout. It was opposed by 99.9 percent of the American public and rushed through Congress with terrorizing threats of economic collapse and martial law (confirmed by Sen. Inhofe and Rep. Sherman). It was rammed through on the promise that TARP funds would shore up the mortgage meltdown, but trillions were immediately stolen for the national and foreign too-big-to-fails instead. President Barack Obama and McCain supported this bill, too, so you can thank all three for this mountain of debt your great- great-grandchildren will be paying the banksters for.

And who can forget the dreaded Stimulus Bill - H.R. 1. Loaded with all sorts of giveaways and crony welfare, this bill coughed up $787B ($2,500/U.S. citizen) to everything from health coverage for outsourced IRS workers to Head Start funds. Many easily warned this 1,000-plus page bill would stimulate nothing, and they were right. The Wall Street Journal has a sad chart that details the waste.

Did you know that Mitchell voted for a total government takeover of the student loan industry? It's buried in the total takeover of the health care industry. When he voted for the first version of health care, Mitchell said they'd clean it up in the Senate. No, they didn't, and Mitchell voted for it again. More than half of America didn't want this bill. Funny - the Republicans loved it when Scott Brown helped to pass government health care in Massachusetts, and now they are predictably enjoying skyrocketing costs along with excessive wait times. We'll all have that success shortly, 2,700 pages, so they say.

Mitchell voted to extend the Patriot Act, fund our wars, and extend the debt ceiling - all topics for another letter.

The easily charmed will look past these failures because he's a nice guy and he voted for such-and-such. But we've got enough laws, taxes and government interference - we need protection of our freedoms. Vote Mitchell out this fall.

Michael Fink


Elections have consequences

Dear Editor:

After all the dust has settled on the great health care reform debate and the subsequent enactment into law of this disastrous act I stand looking at an angry and dazed nation. Anger as expressed in venues such as this and on the streets of America and dazed in the eyes of people who don't really understand what has just occurred.

This has all come about as a result of elections, the fact that they have consequences, and the grim reality that we as a nation have elected an ideologue as president and a lap dog as congressman. The perfect storm of Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi has left us with Health Care Reform (or could that be Health Care Deform?). Congressman Harry Mitchell has allowed this congressional district to be caught in this perfect storm by not standing up for his constituents, the majority of whom were and remain totally against this bill.

His argument for it is that reform was needed, and in that, he was right. But this kind of reform was not needed. What this Congress(man) and president have done to our once sterling health care system is equivalent to taking out a beehive with a 5-ton bomb.

Mr. Mitchell, we need you home in your district and not in Washington where you have been blinded by the light of Speaker Pelosi and her ilk and lost sight of the people of Congressional District 5. Come home Harry and rest your eyes while we send someone there who won't look directly into the Washington sun but rather at the light of what is really best for CD 5.

Thomas P Morrissey

GOP had a balanced state budget until Obamacare was passed

Dear Editor:

After reading the supportive letter for Harry Mitchell by Theodore C. Langs Sr. ("Harry Mitchell ‘breath of fresh air,'" AFN, April 7) and his criticism of the Arizona GOP regarding the budget I thought it was necessary to point out two facts.

The first is that a balanced Arizona budget was signed on March 18, 2010. The second is that three days later Mitchell cast a yes vote for Obamacare that put the state back into the red for $1 billion (check Gov. Jan Brewer's statements made on March 18 and 22 at azgovernor.gov).

I think it is fair to say regardless of any good Mitchell may have done none of it amounts to the billion dollars he helped to cost the state. All of this done against the overwhelming will of his constituents. What more needs to be said?

Lee Krawczyk


Kiwanis Club thanks book drive participants

Dear Editor:

The Kiwanis Club would like to thank all participants in its sixth annual children's book drive. Your cooperation in making the book drive very successful is truly appreciated. More than 2,000 was the total this year.

Kiwanis is an international service organization serving the children of the world. Over the past five years, nearly 9,000 books have been distributed to children and adults. Even though the book drive focuses on children's books, we receive many books for seniors, which are also needed by some of the charities where the books were delivered.

The organizations receiving the books this year are The Andre House, St. Vincent de Paul, Guadalupe Head Start programs, St. Peter Mission on the Gila Indian Reservation, Boys and Girls Club and senior centers at Pecos Park and Guadalupe. These organizations look forward to receiving books each year and do put them to good use.

With your cooperation, we hope to continue this annual book drive that benefits many children and adults.

Bill M. Clark

Kiwanis Club of Ahwatukee


Thank you Ahwatukee Taco Bell

Dear Editor:

We wanted to let the Ahwatukee Foothills community know how the Taco Bell at Warner Road and 48th Street helps support our troops.

Our son is in the Navy and is currently on the Eisenhower in the Middle East. The food isn't always the finest tasting on the carrier, so we thought some Taco Bell sauces would help flavor the food. We stopped in at Taco Bell, and they were gladly willing to donate as many Taco Bell sauces that we wanted.

We included them in a care package for our son with some other items. There were so many Taco Bell sauces that he handed them out to other sailors. They all appreciated them very much, and they were a great reminder of home.

We always like to support businesses that go out of their way to support our soldiers.

Bob and Debbie Schubert

What has Harry done? A lot

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to a letter to the editor written by Carol Wyatt, published in the April 14 edition of the AFN regarding our representative in Congress, Harry Mitchell. She makes it known that she "will be voting (excitedly, I might add) against Mitchell in the next election." I think it is wonderful that she can do this as a citizen of our great country, but from the tone of her letter, she feels that Mitchell has done nothing for the constituents he represents because he voted for the health care bill and he will be exempt from participating and won't be required to pay penalties for not participating.

I just wish that people would only do a little research before making comments such as these. Mitchell won't be covered by the bill because he is on Medicare, period. Would he vote for a bill that would harm his medical coverage in any way?

What else has Harry done? Let's see, he was the author of the new GI Bill for veterans, he led the fight for the cleanup of the Walter Reed military hospital, he worked to allow seniors to negotiate for lower drug costs through Medicare, as chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations he has tripled oversight efforts of the previous Congress, he voted against the House stimulus bill that so many love to hate, he's supported stronger border security as part of immigration reform, and in the last 15 months he has participated in 1,156 out of 1,160 votes held on the floor of the House.

In addition, Mitchell has donated all House pay raises to charity and has led the fight to abolish these automatic pay raises for members of Congress. Prior to serving in Congress he was the mayor of Tempe, an Arizona state senator, a teacher of government at Tempe High School, an adjunct professor at Arizona State University, both institutions where he graduated from. In short, he is representing the district where he grew up and I believe he was sent to Congress because we the people, he represents, believe in him as our representative for this district, and he will do what is right when representing our hometowns and district.

I, for one, will be voting (excitedly, I might add) to return Harry Mitchell to Congress as he represents all of us fairly, decently and with respect in Congress.

Richard MacDonald

Mitchell deserves our support

Dear Editor:

In response to Carol Wyatt's letter condemning Rep. Harry Mitchell for the health care bill ("What has Harry done?" AFN, April 14), I think her premise that the "amount of protest by his constituents" reflects a majority is faulty. It's been my experience that only a relatively small number of citizens feel strongly enough about any given issue to create an apparent media uproar. I think back to the Democrats in 2000, who squawked so loudly about the Al Gore loss that one would have thought George W. Bush had staged a coup d'état. Unless you have employer-sponsored health care, the system is a travesty, and any movement away from this situation is an improvement, if only to create some change. The anomaly is that a majority do have employer-sponsored health care. The Founders called this tyranny by the majority and foresaw the issue, which is why the U.S. is a republic.

Regardless of how one feels about Harry Mitchell's many votes (only missed four), and after all, he did unseat JD Hayworth, he has recruited Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio (Mr. Highway money himself) to take an interest in looking for an alternative to the South Mountain Freeway Loop 202 on Pecos Road, going up against Arizona Department of Transportation and Maricopa Association of Governments. For this alone, he is a hero who deserves Ahwatukee's support in November.

Tim Lank

Mitchell defends health care vote

Dear Editor:

I love the way Harry Mitchell avoids his constituents face-to-face requests like the plague ... where were the town halls when we wanted them?

But now, low and behold, he wants to keep the job we gave him last election. Just walk in for an interview so no one is ready for the hard questions he could be asked. Why isn't he covered by the law he enacted? Nice to enforce a law that you yourself will not have to adhere to. Now that the voting is getting closer ... Mitchell wants to explain himself, but still with no feedback or face-to-face meetings with groups of constituents.

I will certainly be looking for a good replacement and that should be pretty easy to find.

Suzanne Thorne


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