Dear Editor:

First, please be aware that this is the first time in our history that a federal law was passed that required you to purchase a product or service and fined you if you refused. That on its own merit should secure a "yes" vote. Second, while the pretense of Prop 106 is to protect us from ObamaCare, the issue is actually much larger. Prop 106 is about our fundamental rights as Americans as stated in the Declaration of Independence: "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Life is about your right to live and the right to choose what is right for your body. It is also the right to protect one's life as deemed necessary. Liberty is about the right to do what one wants as long as one does no harm to others. It is also about the right to be protected against those that want to limit or infringe on your rights. Pursuit of Happiness is about the right to work, the right to private property (some would say that is part of liberty, which is semantics to me), and the right to enter into contracts without restrictions. ObamaCare violates each of these fundamental unalienable rights. Voting against Prop 106 is akin to voting against the Declaration of Independence. Prop 106 is about voting for or against individual rights, with medicine as the pilot project.

Proponents of ObamaCare claim the importance of such law is because the medical system is broken. I agree, but ObamaCare is like giving blood thinners to someone with internal bleeding. It makes everything worse. Others claim; now people that didn't have insurance now have insurance. OK, at what cost? Once again, I have the right to work and contract for that work. I also have the right of private property and, once earned, my wages are private property. No one has the right to take my wages and give it to someone else. That is stealing.

ObamaCare violates these rights. The general welfare clause of the U.S. Constitution does not grant the authority to the federal government to take one's private possessions and give them to someone else in order to improve their individual welfare.

This is the line in the sand for our republican form of government, plain and simple. The Ninth and 10th amendments give us in Arizona the contractual right and obligation to stop any violation of our rights. Don't get distracted that this vote is about health care. It is not. It is about protecting our individual rights. I will be voting to protect your rights. I request you do the same for everyone else in Arizona.

Kevin Seplowitz

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